What to Look for When Buying Land of Value

Surface water and Value on Property of any type!

Over the past 40 years in my Real Estate experience I have found that the most desirable Properties, in any state, are those that possess surface water. Let’s rank the Properties of greatest to the least value with water features:

  1. Properties with a river that offer excellent fly or bait fishing.
  2. Properties with a stream that offer fly or bait fishing.
  3. Properties with a lake that offer fly or bait fishing.
  4. Properties with either of the above that do not offer fishing rights.
  5. Properties with surface water of any kind. For example a pond or stream that do not have any fish.

Again in my experience properties of this type that possess the water features mentioned previously will attract far more serious Buyers than those that do not have water at all. Obviously, as a result of the demand for this type of water property, the values or prices of the property will be significantly higher. That is ok, if you can afford it, buy it. If you ever want to sell this property it will be much easier to sell and for a much better price as well. Availability of property with water features always is in lesser supply and will be in higher demand, making your purchase a better investment.

Location is a major factor in the value and price of property as well. If you can combine this factor with water features you are in a very good spot to make a purchase. In Colorado there are very nice properties that give you both. For example any water property that is within 20 minutes of a nice community will give you a very nice investment. This property will also give you a comfortable commute if you need a community to work in. If you are retiring and want to live in a private and secluded area you will want to still purchase land in a ranch that is within 45 minutes of shopping and entertainment, etc. I have noticed in the last 20 years most people looking for seclusion and privacy look for locked gate communities or stand alone ranches to purchase for retirement or 2nd home living.

Always keep in mind that your purchase should include proper due diligence in factors such as utility location, road maintenance, views, tree cover, and property taxes. Some of these factors will play a big role in your future carrying costs as well.

I hope I have given you some valuable information in your search for the ideal property purchase in your future.

Ron Trujillo Owner Durango Alpine Realty, LLC 970-749-6698