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Situated in Navajo Valley near Chromo and Santa Fe, NM - the Banded Peaks River Ranch boasts beauty throughout the land and is a local hotspot for trophy Elk Hunting. The overall appearance of the ranch shows a grandiloquence of sustainability and viability for the life that lives within its protection. There are no lands like the ranches situated in the Navajo River Valley. Here exploration and adventure is at its peak with abundance of fishing and hunting. 2008 acres of pure Alpine Seclusion and Paradise!  Excellent Water Rights as well as 1.5 miles of Excellent Trout River Fishing!

The City Slickers Ranch boasts beauty in a tranquil setting. Enjoy the privilege of privacy on 230 acres even with the short distance from downtown durango (8 minute drive), a true gentleman's ranch. this land is ready for you to farm for pleasure or enjoy the magnificent views while breathing in the fresh, cool mountain air. the barn above is the original barn on the property.  there is also a "prop" barn that was made for the first city slickers movie in 1991 which featured billy crystal. the land bordering City Slickers Ranch to the north is part of the BLM which borders the San Juan National Forest.  Lightner Creek flows on the property.  Water rights are plentiful to irrigate the lush hay meadows.     


enjoy 35 acres of your own exclusive land. this beautiful property is perfect for trail riding, hunting and settling down. green lush meadows and aspen forests create an exquisitely refined look as if the lands were inspired by a professional painter. Located between Pagosa Springs, CO and Chama, NM the property lies right on the Continental Divide. located amidst large ranches, its no wonder Kit Carson once called these lands home. continental divide ranch is well known for its large elk herds as well as for its Secluded alpine settings; it can really makes you feel part of the old west!

Paradise river ranch - sold

94 acres with over 1400 ft of the San Juan river flowing on the west boundary of the land. This property has it all: Ponderosa Pines, San Juan River and deep forests compliment the lush meadows. Water rights to irrigate the nice meadow!